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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sticker Reward Charts

If you need a sticker chart to help your youngster develop good habits by doing chores, getting potty trained, staying in their room at night, etc., you'll love these FREE sticker charts. The black and white charts have spaces where you can write the task or goal.

The ABC Ice Cream chart is a perfect way to keep track of your child's progress with his/her alphabet and numbers. Have your child trace the letter/number after completing an activity, and then place a sticker over the letter/number that was practiced.

If you would like a custom chart ($2.00 ea--you can print it again and again and again), please email me at: alanaleedesigns(at)gmail(dot)com. (I'll send you a PayPal invoice and we'll go from there. No PayPal account or registration necessary.)