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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Christmas and Hot Cocoa Party Invitations

Invitations for a Christmas Party, Gift Exchange, Breakfast, and More!

To begin the customization process, you need to purchase the party items and send me your party information. First, add your desired design to your shopping cart and check out. Scroll down for customization information.

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PS090 Christmas Village Invitation [4x6 JPEG]
[Item #PS090 - Christmas Village Invitation - 4x6 JPEG- $9.95]

PS091 Christmas Trees Invitation [4x6 JPEG]
[Item #PS090 - Christmas Trees Invitation - 4x6 JPEG- $9.95]

PS092 Christmas Elf Invitation [4x6 JPEG]
[Item #PS090 - Christmas Elf Invitation - 4x6 JPEG- $9.95]

PS093 Christmas Snowmen Invitation [4x6 JPEG]
[Item #PS090 - Christmas Snowmen Invitation - 4x6 JPEG- $9.95]

PS094 Baby, It's Cold Outside Invitation [4x6 JPEG]
[Item #PS090 - Baby, It's Cold Outside Invitation - 4x6 JPEG- $9.95]

PS095 Snowman Invitation [4x6 JPEG]
[Item #PS090 - Snowman Invitation - 4x6 JPEG- $9.95]
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